LIVE Crush Your Cravings Masterclass
Wednesday, June 1st at 6PM EST
Learn How To Manage Your Cravings Feeling Relaxed and Calm Around Your Favorite Foods!

Are you ready to end YOUR cravings??
Do you feel completely out of control when you get a craving for your favorite foods?
Like you HAVE to have that food?

Like you can’t stop it… you MUST eat it…

Wondering “what is wrong with me… why can’t I stop??”

“Why do I keep sabotaging myself?..”

“If I could just keep that food out of my kitchen or just have better willpower… I would be able to lose this extra weight I have been carrying around for the past 20 years.”

I used to think this way too.

I thought if I could just keep it together with my cravings they would subside…which ALWAYS led to me to giving in and overeating ...back in the day I have been known to eat a WHOLE container of Nabisco's Cameo cookies in one sitting exaggeration.

But then I learned a new approach which helped me crush my cravings WITHOUT using willpower AND without banning my favorite foods from my kitchen.

If you are struggling with your cravings and you just don’t know what else to do …I want to invite you to join Crush Your Cravings Workshop.

You can end your struggle with cravings too! 

I can show you how.
Be ready to be WOW-ed because this is not like your everyday "workshop"!
As always, Nicole set me straight. Crush Your Cravings taught me what my cravings really mean and how to manage them better. Nicole has taught me I can enjoy the foods I love along with the foods I need to get me through the day. I loved this workshop because Nicole doesn't put any foods in the "shame" category. Be ready to be WOW-ed because this is not like your everyday "workshop"! ~Ana
Crush Your Cravings Workshop was amazing!
I completed the Crush Your Cravings Workshop and it was amazing! I had been struggling after working from home for months and giving into cravings way too much. Nicole gave me the tools to help and my cravings are not holding me back from my goals anymore! ~ Jess
I just finished Nicole's Crush Your Cravings Challenge and now I really understand how to control my cravings! Diane
  • The ONE thing making your cravings worse
  • How to gain control of your cravings
  • One craving tool that is so counter intuitive… and it works great!
  • How what you are currently doing to fight your cravings will never work and here’s what you need to do instead.
  • How to be calm and relaxed around your favorite foods you are craving.
What you will learn...
What You Will Get …
  • You will learn all the steps to crush your cravings inside the masterclass
  • Live Coaching after the masterclass portion
  • The Crush Your Cravings e-workbook to help you work through the steps

Feel in control around your favorite foods!
LIVE Crush Your Cravings Masterclass
Wednesday, June 1st at 6PM EST
Created by Nicole Simonin
Since2006, Nicole has been helping women lose weight for the last time. Nicole is an ACE Personal Trainer, ACE Health Coach, TEDx Speaker, host of Shape It Up Over 40 podcast, founder of Shape It Up, LLC, author of “The No Fuss, No Mess Shape It Up Cookbook”, licensed Physical Therapist Assistant and former professional ballet dancer. Nicole has been featured in Racheal Ray in Season, Bicycling Magazine, Real Simple and MSN. 
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